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Tina ya Fat Lard, Come get some dinner.... - Diz...My....Shiznit...

About Tina ya Fat Lard, Come get some dinner....

Previous Entry Tina ya Fat Lard, Come get some dinner.... Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 02:47 pm Next Entry
Omg, that movie is hilarious.

K so so many random thoughts:

To start off: Why is it that the one person who I truly want to be with, and vice versa, is actin like an asshole and sayin shit like: I dont know if we should say....or.... because I dont know how long this is goin to last or I don't wanna break my heart. If you truly feel me they way you say you do, then you dont have to think you'de know and you would say you don't know if you're gonna break my heart or not, feel me?

2nd: This working two jobs, sucks. I mean money is good at a minimum I get $225 and thats just 4 days every two weeks. I just feel like I'm always tired, and I make money I can't ever seem 2 save. Everything, except the trip to LA, has been put on hold. I'm not movin out to probably '06. :-\...hopefully before i just gotta find a new job. Then I can easily get a laptop, but a car? I'll share it with my mother.

3rd: I only got 45 more days till i graduate!!! YES!!

I'm done....
Current Mood: cranky<--Im PMSIN BITCH!!!
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Date:April 5th, 2005 01:08 am (UTC)

love: lost and found

that's how is always seems to go, love that is. you find the one you love and they seem to lose you, or vice versa. if it was that easy to find a love and keep it everyone would stay or atleast be "in love." I hope that ur luv will come around, or you will come around and find out that you love her and she loves you or that ya'll are just wastin eachothers time. you didn't know that money is an even BIGGER bitch than love. the more you get, the quiker you spend it and the more you see, the more you gotta have. i know it gotta be hard jugglin two jobs but hopefully you will find ONE good job so you can BREATHE 1 and a 2...cuz if you don't you will get fed up and you don't want that. just be patient, make sure you want to eat off of that plate. movin out and havin a car, ha,ha you think you can't save money now just imagine what will be left then, and that's shit you gotta pay. Rent, water bill, electricity, cable(if you want it), phone (if u got it), gas (for the car), groceries food and cleanin supplies(atleast $40-50 a week if it's just u), and shoppin and goin out atleast once a week (if any money is left). or stay at home wit mom and just have ur phone bill to worry bout. just sumthin for you to think about....

just be patient. it'll all come in time...
Date:April 5th, 2005 01:52 am (UTC)
be patient, everything will happen in due time. if its meant to b it will b. that goes 4 everything.tha fear she got is normal. if the feelin is real it will all happen and be good. and as for $ do ya thing. im bout to make mad $ wit this company. but u keep workin hard and it will all come. trust that
stay up lil gurl

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