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Bout to go play ball...:-)
I wish I was a male...

Just sayin hi!!! We've GOTTA TALK!!!
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Date:April 12th, 2005 09:49 pm (UTC)

hey gurl

it's been a long time since u even had a journal entry. How has ur days and nites been hopefully they are good. Hope u havin a nice day and gettin ready to graduate from the HI Skool. i miss IMin u and u makin me laugh my ass off cuz u crazy. hopefully everything is going good.

do u remember the old game Girl Talk, that shit was the bomb. they should put that game on yahoo And see how many people would play.
have u heard that song "Wait:The Whisper Song" that shit is hilarious and sexy at the same time. can't wait til u hear it if u haven't. How are you doin I almost had to use my credit card last nite when i was at the store and i changed my mind so i wouldn't get in trouble cuz my peeps don't know.
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