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U have GOT to read this... Mar. 28th, 2005 @ 10:24 am
15 South Projectos,
Apartamento El Baisman
El Bronx, Nueva Jork,wung wung for sero sero
SELULA FON:(917) 555-5555
SELULA terned off but I will get de monee order tumoro

FON DE LA CASA: Neybor's fon, (788)999-9999 (mines is turnt off for me
no payin)
Wung day I wanna opin a Day Kare in mine apartment for teng kidz.
I wash my sisters kidz wheng she goes to de dancing at Latin Quarta,
shange the kidz pamperz, misk de milk and shocolate Quick in da
botella whilg I wash de novelas at de saing tine.

I grajuaded from fif grade. Deng I grajuated from aighf grade.Deng I
learned alot from my tia Juana, (she used to be my tio Juan) she let
me quik skool so she cood show me to babysit my cozins, Juan, Pito, Tito,
Flaco, Papo, Chavela, Chavelo, and! Yvette (dito, she dunt nose who
her papi iz)

Wheng I got tired of babysittin, I woked in a fabrica sowing and
stealing dresses. Reason for leabing: My jefe Hector, tried to hit on
me and his woman Luz Maria caught himg. Deng I got anofa jub at B.I.M.
storez , i wuz eng charge of foldeng de genes. Reason for leabing: Tio
Juan died in my country and I hadda to go to de funeraria. I din't no him,
but I hadda to go for mortal support.So my jefe got mad and fired me. Deng I
stayed home and sold Abon.I hadda to quik becose I orderd mucho stuff
for my familia and dey didng paid. So weng Abon axed me furr de monee I didng hab it. So I qualify to get my owng Day Care.My last jub was at "My Baby Papi Day Care" I wached all the kidz for all the moders who hadda to get on welfel.
REFERENCES:Jus call the payfon ecross de estreet and ask anywung ebout MARIA LA LOCA, dey tell ju all ebout mee.

Ight so wassup....Bout to get this hair done, YAY!!! Guys, Im so happy just to be turnin 18. Damn I keep typin 19, I wish. 2 more days till the big day, and Im not doin nothin. I think Imma sit around the house and mope in my sorrow. I think my friend Kelvin is going to come over and keep me company, then he has to go to work at 12. So...no se que quiero hacer. Um...Easter was good. Im sad cuz I havent got the chance to talk to Alli, Kim or Carlene now that I got my phone on. I wanna get this Sprint Phone: or this one: or maybe this one:

Ight now Im done....holla at chu...
Current Mood: blank<---Ummm

Um... Mar. 26th, 2005 @ 08:53 am
I got my phone back on...so EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE CALL ME!!

AND I DO mean EVERRRYONE LOL....Noone love me no more and no one calls me. I hate workin two jobs cuz i neva get to talk to annnnnnyone! :-( Im so sad. My life right now is borin...

I needa save up for:

My Trip to LA in June
My Car
My Apartment
My laptop

So lets see...
My trip to LA gotta be at least $400 plus my plane ticket
Apartment I need a few hundred for first month rent and utilities
I need 1500 for the car I want
I need 549 for the laption...i need 1400 dollars by september...DAMNN lol...I think I can do that...

What chu think....

Call me guys...LOVE U!!!

Current Mood: tiredtired

When the Truth comes to Light.... Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 03:05 pm
My mother now knows..well thinks Im a girl lover. :-( She told me to tell her and she would be more exceptin thaan i think. I know my mother, so i opted not to tell her..she now knows that one of my good friends likes girls too,and that this good friend liked me, all because of a letter she found. *sigh* My mother is still my best friend, best woman I know. I just can't look her in the eye no more. I think shes more sad/mad at the fact I aint come to her and tell her, than if I was actually gay. :-( I gotta be more open with her.

Im not gonna be online that much. I probably won't be on the phone that much either. Im only callin people. I dont want no one, except a few people, calling me. My mother thinks if I do like girls its because of Alicia Keys. Shes "gay" lol....Its not that. If I liek who I liek then let me like them. She said its alot of spirits surroundin Alicia Keys and her message board. WTH...but Im ok...I know she wants whats best for me. I just feel relieved that she didnt say it was against God or anything.

I love u fam, thanks for exceptin me. Holla
Current Mood: confused<--WTF is going on?

The big 1-8... Mar. 16th, 2005 @ 02:53 pm
"18 just makes you Legal NOT GROWN" -My Mama

I know that lol....I can't wait to be 18 tho. Im gettin another hole in my ear, I MIGHT do this whole Tattoo thing...I want somethin that represents me, so I decided NY...thats my home...I was thinkin..OH the NY Yankee sign would be hot, I could live wit that embedded on my body forever! Now I hear Mike and Alli sayin...Its manish! LMAO!! Alli made a joke sayin, "I'm the man in this relationship!" Only we aren't in a relationship, so who does she think she is...right? Thats my "girl" Though. Such a SWEETHEART...(right? for those of u who know her) So, tattoos, another ear hole. Im not oin the nipple rings, I MAY do the tongue ring while Im out in LA...if I NEVER go to LA I'll never get it! Thats going to be my deal with Allicat and Kimberly(Ann Parker). they dont think Im comin west coast...I am don't worry. (Just emailed you kim...)

Anyway...I miss Maria, Quay and MoMo...mainly. I mean MAria and Quay are so busy they don't even post a HI! MoMo is out being a pimp! Lauren...well we know what shes doing ;-)...Kyla and Jen, they fell off the face of the earth ONCE again. NK and Gina overseas doin God only knows what. Cher is out promoting AK News(btw, Cher, you think Alicia's gonna coem out now that Ciara has? Just a thought, Let it Marinate.)Kim is out pimpin bitches and hoes in LV, Carlene out being the best thing since Jesus Christ and Last but not Least Tre...T.Dizzle, the best man...lol...Hes out bein all smart about to start law school and shit...

Holla at cha lovey fams...

Oh...BTW...I like Alli, ALOT!!! I said it kim, I aint scared of HER

BTW2....I work TWO JOBS...I wanna be able to go places...
Current Mood: exhausted<---my head really Hurts....
Current Music: I have a headache

Man... Mar. 14th, 2005 @ 02:57 pm
Ok so these hoes talkin about i gotta pay 5 dolals to get my taxes...COOL! LOL!!!

Thats what im doin, then imma be DONE!!! I get my money and bounce...

My bday in 16 days...The 30th ill be legal...holla at u...

Current Mood: blah<----ummm
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» Stole from MoMo....
Hi T.Dizzle and MAria...and Quay...Miss ya love ya...

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» (No Subject)
I hate my life...
I hate school...
I hate myself...
I wanna be back in New York...
» *Sigh* Life sucks...
You ever wonder WHY? not anything in particular, but just why?

Like WHY, have I been so tired lately?
Why can't I go to bed at a normal time like everyone else, or WHY do I go to bed and 10 and 11 just to wake back up at 1 or 2...
Why do I have STRONG feelings for _____(;-))?
Why do I like girls? Well that goes withut sayin...but just WHY?
Why does God do certain things?
Why do I have cramps?
Why don't I like Church?

OK anyway...*sings* I gotta girl that I think Im gon love foreverrrrrrr and forever we'll be together...I love that Eve Interlude...that nigga sounded better then her....On another note,Im soooooo happy for Jamie Foxx!!!

Its cold right now...Im home SICK AS HELL...OUCH my tummy...

I have ADD! LMAO!! Man fuck yall hoes...

Hi Maria, I miss you...MoMo I miss you too....Quay..MMPH!
» Man...I hate LJ..
I wrote a lil sumthin today and....Read Only mode!!! MAN F' dat shit...

I need my W-2...I aint get it yet.
I wanna go shoppin
I start work tomorrow
I hate my School
Im ready to graduate
Im crushin HARD....it MIGHT be more then a crush...
Nk...I love you!! LMAO!! *muah* U all left me today!!

Shout out to: MoMo, Quay Quay, Maria Maria, T.Dizzle, Carlenie....Jen and K...WTF yall at man, Pre and Jamie and Cher and OMG...So many ppl!! LOL!

I love L-Word...I got freaky pics from Mamacita Favorita....BK...:-D

Holla at me...U happy now Alli?
» Umm...YES!!

Give it to me yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa LMAO!!!
» Aww man...
Those grammies were kinda good. I just want Gay boy(usher) to retire. I LOVEEEEEEEEE joss Stone, I always thought she was black tho LMAO I never seen her till last night. Um Alicia and Jamie ripped it....I love that shit. Alicia is back, in my eyes. Im happy she walked away with 4 or 5 awards. I gotta post pics...Akeys was lookin to fierce.

She kissed her girlfriend too LMAO!!!

Glad her underarms were shaved...
» All I can say is this...
Im donnnnnnnnnnnnne. I hate myself right now...two ppl know why. I feel so bad cuz those are two ppl I care about dearly. Forgive me guys. U are like two of my closest friends. :-( I think imma die....*screams* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
» Whats good....
Whats up yall....*yawn* Im so tired lol....Its 12:23,I just woke up and im feelin GREAT! Yesterday killed me. We went to see Chapel Hill(one of my first choices), Shaw and North Carolina Central.... I must say Central and Chapel Hill are the best! They are so well put together. I had heard bad things about Central and just signed it off as a fuc*ed up school but then when i went there and saw for myself. Im thinking REALLLLLL strongly about going there. What attracted me was not only the ASSES AND niggas I saw there....but they have a program where IF U ARE IN PRE-MED, YOU DO THREE YEARS AT CENTRAL AND THEN UR FOURTH YEAR AT BOSTON COLLEGE, ANDDDDDD UR FOURTH YEAR AT BOSTON COLLEGE IS UR FIRST YEAR AT MED-SCHOOL......AND ITS ALL FOR THE SAME PRICE of 6,800.
So great!!!!

Then Chapel Hill....I wanna transfer there. Its one of the top top top schools in the country I think top 30 its either 17, 25 or 29 lol... Everyone from Charlotte goes there. Im too mad Kim wanted to go there her whole life and didnt. That lil fuck bag lol...But thats still my nigga. Chapel is REALLY nice. OMG I just can't get over it. Thats campus is big lol....its mad nice tho. *sigh* I wish i had the grades.

I was just thinking. We were talkin about SATs last night. I got 1060 on mine....I cant believe Elana aka Lan Lan...got a damn 1380 and complained cuz she aint make a 1400 I was like imma get u!!! She got excepted to NYU with a sports scholarship...Oh I wanna shoot her lol...Ok imma get offa that. BTW Tre what u make? Are u a MOREHEAD(lmao) Scholar....:-P

Ummm This was suppose to be just talkin about college but i gotta shout out my girls....Maria Maria(Hey babeeeee), Quay(:-)...Mi Hermana) and MoMo....*muah*....To L PIMPINNNNNN lol....and Nk and Cher(yall some freaks, Cher we gosta tawk)....and now to Kim and Carlene....yall sum mufuckin hoes....;-) Luv ya

Dom Dom Dommmmmmmmmmmmmie
» *sigh*
Today was suppose to be a good day. It turned out like hell. I feel like shit and i wanna cry on *fill in the blank whateva way u want to* shoulder.... Today was the first time i was on that depressed shit, i need to cheer up. Everythin isnt as bad as it seems...

Please help me!! I want someone i cant have for a while, but ill get them.
» Que tu haces?
Ok...The conditioner is sittin in my hair, so tengo tiempo to kill. lol...Im actually gonna talk about a few things that ain't jumpin from A to Z in .34 seconds.

OK so today I stayed home and been watchin more tv then expected. I began thinkin as I watched, Somethin the Lord Made with Mos Def(who is the true essence of so many things to come) and Malcolm X(with Denzel's fine behind), and it dawned on me that black people are so down played. ITs like we get Feb., the shortest and cold month out the year, I might add, and its like Damn thats it. We dont really learn about uplifting people in black school. I mean yea we learn about Martin Luther, but i dont know much more then he had a dream and was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Then I dont know shit about Malcolm X, who to me was a great ass nigga(sorry i got ghetto)...I mean I wanna learn more about the Solomon Northups and Benjiman Bannekers and so on and so forth. Im so happy to take an African American Studies class but its like Damn, do we have to hear about the same old black people that this fucked up world already taught us? Im just tiredof it. Im tired of lookin at BET and seein a black bitch shake her dirty assin front of me. Im tired of LIL WAyne and illeterate muthafuckas talkin shit and makin money for doin so. Im just tired of black people being degraded and not uplifted. Half the black children would rather watch Ashanti or Lil Jon then Oprah or Nelson Mandela...its like come the fuck on. Thats one of my reasons for wanting to attend a HBCU. I wanna see black people with their PHDs getting what they deserve and more black people following in their footsteps to become somethin much greater than they could ever imagine.

Sorry im rambling on and on...Ill stop....Its BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!! So I will be talkin mad shit...Love ya much

» Gosh...I hate being sick...
I hate being sick. I feel like I hurt someone that I care about ALOT. :-(

Random thoughts:

Im at home sick..readin shit on this LJ shit...
Yes, I do have tourettes...fuck yall...*muah*
YAY!!! I get hooked up with Maria Maria's Brohem....
Maria, can Quay, You and I chill around my Bday when im in NY and u bring ur brother?
We can get a hotel room. Just to chill, u know?

I have so much work to make up in, I missin mad days this quarter. Too sick for this shit. Fuck it!!! I hope my taxes come soon, Im filin soon, i should get a nice peice of change.

Ok since yall fuckers say i got tourette Do this....I know u want me...well except Tre, Quay and Trigga and MoMo...LOL

1. Give me your number?
2. Have sex with me?
3. Let me kiss you?
4. Watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one?
5. Let me take you out to dinner?
6. Drive me somewhere/anywhere?
7. Take a shower with me?
8. Be my bf/gf?
9. Have a fling with me?
10. Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
11. Buy me a drink if i didnt have money?
12. Take me home for the night?
13. Would you let me sleep in your bed?
14. Sing car karaoke w/ me?
15. Sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
16. Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
17. Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
18. Do you think im pretty, beautiful, or hot?
19. Do you like my style?
20. Do you think im funny?
21. Do you care about me?
22. Would you cry if i died?
23. Would you stop me if i tried to commit suicide?
24. Would you dance with me?
25. Would you sing happy birthday to me?

*muah* Dommie

PS. I love u, NK...
» I came here to say this....
I want uuuuuuu LOL....Im losin it yalll..some ppl are just so sexy!

Sorry for not callin u back last night carlene, I was preoccupied and dying,im sick...

Man....I hate my spanish teacher...I have the worst Headache....
Maria's brother is too cute...*thinks*

Im out to gov homework....*pounding headache*
» OMg...it hurts me again...
My thoat...i know i spelled it wrong, but thats how some ppl say it...

Its killin me guys...:-\...Today was a GREAT day...i aint sleep at all...

Who ever askin them fuckin questions and callin me sexy, STATE cha name....Toodles...

Goin to do somethin
» Hmmm
I love the movie Poetic Justice. Thats when I started likin Janet. She was my first
crush LOL

I got a 3.6....:-) 3 As and 5 B's
I got a 90 on this test i thought i failed. My neck hurts

I just came here to ask a question...Exes...why? I hate feelings...dont u?


holla at cha ~1~
» Aww man...
My tummy aches, its 740 American Idol comin on lemme holla. I got cramps. I wanna sleep. Im crushin...HARD. I miss Trigga, and I have spoke to MoMo in like 2 weeks. Shes all sick, get betta. NK...U freak, everytime we talk both of us get cut off. Imma holla at cha. Hey Cher. Laurennn, I finally calld!!(but she hung up on me)....Jen and Kyla...I miss yall...how Hasan? Tre, I heard the John Legend song....its not all that lol jp....but whats all the hype over him? Hi everyone else I love...hey Carlene, I talk to u so why am i sayin hey. Kim cheer up...dipshit lol...jp....Quay..MMPH! We not friends, Im mad at u. We aint sistas no more.

Ok...my thoughts are done, but answer me this.

Who had it worse and why...The Slaves or the Jews?
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